Not sure which spreader is right for you?

With over 30 different options to choose from, the FISHER® Spreader Selector can make it easy to narrow the list down to the best choices for your needs. Find out which FISHER spreaders will fit your fleet.

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In what capacity will you be using
this spreader?

  • Professional Contractor
  • Facilities/Property Maintenance
  • Municipal
  • Personal Use

On which types of properties will you primarily  be using this spreader?

  • Large Lots or Roadways
    (such as hospitals, universities, or large retailers)
  • Medium Lots
    (such as strip malls, residential complexes, or clinics)
  • Small Businesses
  • Driveways
  • Walkways

Select the type of vehicle your spreader will be installed on.

  • Dump Body, Flatbed or “15,000+ GVWR” Truck
  • 3/4-or 1-Ton Pickup Truck
  • Up to 1/2-Ton Pickup Truck or SUV
  • Utility Vehicle
  • Tractor

What is the bed length of the vehicle your spreader will be used on?

  • 32" UTV Bed or Less
  • 33" UTV Bed or Greater
  • 5' Standard  
  • 6½' Standard
  • 8' Standard
  • 9' Standard
  • 10' Standard

If your bed length is not listed, select the next shorter length.

What are you most likely to use for spreading material?

  • Bagged Salt/Ice Melt
  • Bulk Salt/Ice Melt
  • Bulk Sand
  • Bulk Salt/Sand Mix